COVID SAFE Travel Information Policy 2020 – Updated 11 January 2022

Our private transfer service for 1-13 pax is great for anyone wanting maximum social distancing. 

Useful tools for interstate arrivals:

  1. Queensland Health – Border Restrictions Tool : Gives advice on what is needed depending on what state you are arriving from.
  2. Masks are now mandatory inside the Cairns Domestic Terminal, and on our transfers.
  3. Anyone needing to complete a Queensland Border Pass should be aware of their circumstances before travel.  As we have all seen border rules can change quickly and may include excluded hotspots’ as declared by the Queensland Government.
  4. All vehicles display Check In Qld App QR Code and passengers arriving from interstate should download the app before arriving in Cairns to ensure a smooth flow from landing to checking in to your shuttle on arrival.

The following measures 1-10 are applicable to all our services:

The following measures have been in place since August 2020 and form a new policy of our business known as the ‘COVID SAFE Travel Information Policy 2020‘.  Please check this page as changes and/ or useful information resources will be posted here.

  1. From 17 December 2021 all passengers on our vehicles must be fully vaccinated.  
  2. If you are asked for proof of vaccination and cannot provide it or a valid exemption, that is connected to your Medicare App or Check In App, you will not be able to board the vehicle.​  You will be refunded less cancel fee according to our standard terms.
  3. This policy applies to all our regular services including our private transfer or limousine service which is available 24/7.
  4. All shuttles are stocked with hand sanitizer, and passengers are asked to please use sanitiser when entering their vehicle. 
  5. All vehicles display Check In Qld App QR Code. As is mandatory for all Queensland businesses now, please use the QR code when entering your vehicle.
  6. Bookings made are 100% transferable IF you contact our office more than 48 hours before travel. Alternatively, our standard cancellation fees apply.
  7. Shuttles are cleaned and sanitised regularly.
  8. Masks are available to any passenger who wants one.
  9. All drivers wear masks. Masks are currently compulsory in our vehicles and in most indoor areas in Queensland outside of the airport. Travellers are encouraged to continue the same precautions they felt comfortable with when flying into Cairns. 
  10. Contact tracing. As a natural consequence of any booking we maintain a manifest of peoples names, contact email and phone number. If these are requested by  Queensland Government Health Agencies Only as part of COVID related contact tracing we will provide details for that purpose only. Our terms and conditions have been updated to reflect that change.

As with any travel now there is a responsibility on passengers to not travel when unwell, or if becoming unwell during travel, to adapt their plans or consider how they may minimise contact with other passengers or travellers while they feel unwell. 

Cancellations including COVID Cancellations
How to apply? Please review below then email with the following:

  1. Your PPT booking number.
  2. Your request for 100% credit OR
  3. Your request for refund less cancel fees (see below) – the choice is yours
  4. If refund, please include your Australian BSB, account number and account name*
  5. Please allow 3-5 business days for receipt of refund. 
    * (This is because we do not store credit card details after processing payments. We process credit cards via 2 step authentication from an online vault, and then delete details to protect your information. Please only supply Australian bank details as we cannot refund to an overseas bank account, and instead will advise separate process for international refunds).

Border closures, hotspot declarations and all COVID related cancellations impact our passengers who are unable to travel on their holidays, and also our business. The impacts for our business are our commitment to deliver employment to our 10+ drivers; also 10+ vehicles which are registered and insured and on the road; bank fees charged by banks when we process each individual booking but fees which are not refunded by banks when we refund; airport access fees paid per shuttle not per person, baby seats purchased then discarded after 6 months because of minimum requirements for commercial vehicles and child seats. These are all fixed, underlying costs of our business, additional to fuel and hourly wages, which cost our business as a result of COVID cancellations beyond everyone’s control.  Our seven years + cancel fee system helps our business redeliver or refund your journey, and helps us mitigate fixed costs associated with every booking made then lost due to factors beyond everyone’s control. 

We thank all our passengers for your support at this time so that we may continue to connect travellers between Cairns and Port Douglas.

Cancellation of existing seat in shared bus booking options available:
Fees and refund delivery are from our long standing cancel fees at clause F Cancellation fees:
Terms and Conditions

Private transfer and limousine cancellations

  1. $30 cancel fee for one way private transfer or limousine cancellation over 24 hours, or
  2. $50 cancel fee for return private transfer or limousine cancellation over 24 hours, or
  3. $100 under 24 hours cancellation, however for bookings advising us of cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival due to border closure; hotspot declaration; or advice that you or someone in your group has contracted COVID or must isolate (‘COVID Cancellations’) we will apply the standard one way or return transfer fees at point 1 and 2 above.
  4. 100% rollover for 12 months for COVID Cancellations advising us of cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival. We will happily allocate your booking a credit on our system. You will keep the same booking reference.
  5. If cancelling a credit once issued, the same cancel fees will apply.

Need to rebook using your 100% credit? See here.

Our phone is 07 4035 9409, and our office hours are 8:30am to 5pm daily. 

​Paul, Visnja, and the team around affiliates